Monday, April 25, 2011

My Trip To The Nail Salon: Is This Normal?

     Brianne, Caitlyn, and I went to a nail salon Saturday to get pedicures, and I'm not sure if the things that happened there were normal or not. It was only my second time getting a pedicure, and only my second visit to a nail salon.
     The technician lady who did mine sat me down and said "Honey you want deluxe pedicure?" I said "I don't know what that is.". She said "Honey you want deluxe. It best for you. You like. It make your skin soft.". So I got a deluxe pedicure, which I soon found out means a pedicure up to your knees, not just your feet.
     Part way through, she got out a cheese grater and put some gel on it and started scrubbing the bottom of my feet with it. I'm serious, this was just a regular cheese grater like is in your kitchen cabinet, not some specialized piece of equipment.
     Then she said "You want eyebrow?" I said "No thank you, just a pedicure." She said "Honey you need. I do. You like." I just laughed and said "No, that's o.k." So then after she was finished with my toenails, I was heading to the dryer chair when she stopped me and said "You sit here". So I sat down and she said "Lean back head. I do eyebrow. It best for you. I do. You like." I quietly obeyed.
     So that's how I came to totally involuntarily get my eyebrows waxed. I'm blond and never had much in the way of eyebrows anyway but I do try to keep them shaped. Apparently I was not doing a thorough job. I guess I needed it, they do look better.
     But was this a normal visit?

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