Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A 44 year old's earliest memories of Beckley area businesses

Some of my best early memories are of stores in and around Beckley.

     I remember an ice cream parlor in the old Beckley Plaza Mall that had wrought iron tables and chairs.
     I remember a little store on Prince Street called Leed's.
     I remember the big staircase uptown at Grant's.
     I remember there being an elevator operater in JC Penney, and the way the cashiers had to send your payment up a tube to an office because they weren't trusted to handle cash. Also there was always a big display in there of Brownie and Girl Scout clothes.
     I remember what Ben Franklin's at Sophia smelled like inside, and do I remember correctly that they had uneven or slanted floors? I know for sure they were hardwood.
     I remember parking behind Hub and Vogue and then walking up through the alley to get to the stores.
     I remember how noisy the restaurant was inside GC Murphy, it sounded like a constant clashing of silverware. We ate their often. I remember my parents ordering me fried shrimp and the first time I ate the tails because I didn't know any better. I continued to eat the tails each time after that because it made them laugh.
    I remember how pizza from Amy's in Crab Orchard tasted and looked. You could see grease setting right on top of it. But is was delicious.
     We ate at King Tut's, Phil's, Shoney's, and Murphy's. Never Pete and Bobs.  There was a jukebox inside Phil's and my parents would give us money to put in it so we could play "The Streak". And how hard I would giggle over "It's me again, Margaret"
Do you share any of these memories?

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